About Us

We are gearhead and DIY who love our car and truck. We go nuts like its Christmas morning when new parts arrive. The joy and excitement of opening the box and prep the tools to install. But we all start by searching online in hope to find the best quality at the right price. This is where AmeriLite came in; we focus on quality, durability and innovative automotive lighting products then source directly from experience and reputable manufactures.

AmeriLite products help aging vehicles improve visibility and enhance safety while updating appearance. We offer Halos, LED Bars and built-in LED bulbs on most applications. Most of our products are also DOT and SAE complaint. We specialize in the lighting category for cars, trucks, SUVs, semi-trailers, and beyond. We carry a range of lighting products such as headlights, taillights, bumper lights, corner lights, 3rd brake lights, high-mount stop lights, side markers and even universal lights.


  • Improve Visibility
  • Enhance Safety and Vehicle Appearance

Temperature & Humidity Test




Temperature & Humidity Test

To ensure that the unit can withstand a wide range of temperature without reduce light output safety.

Dust Test

To ensure the unit is properly sealed against harmful road dust and debris.

Salt Spray Test

To ensure that the unit can withstand against oxidation caused by salt on the coastal area and from winter condition.

Moisture Test

To ensure that the unit do not cause moisture buildup leading to reduce visibility.